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We are going on a two-week break (first break since starting this newsletter more than a year ago), because I am working on a few personal and professional transitions, moving to a different city (Seattle), and planning some new things for Interconnected. Thus, there won’t be any new posts published in the next two weeks, except for the transcript and audio/video of my third Company Building webinar discussion with Justin Cormack, CTO of Docker.

ICYMI, I hope you give some recent posts sharing my first-hand learning on Mexico and the Latin American tech ecosystem a read (HERE and HERE). LATAM is an important emerging market worth paying attention to. I’m also spending time reading and thinking about the Southeast Asian tech ecosystem -- another vibrant emerging market that grabbed the limelight recently with Grab’s IPO in the largest SPAC deal to date.

Of course, stories around Alibaba, Ant, and antitrust in China continue to grab headlines, even though much of it simply forces new facts into old narratives. (Jack Ma “disappearing” continues to be a favorite, recycled headline; some media’s analytics department must have figured out that, real or not, “disappearing billionaire” drives clicks and subscribers.)

I have already written about this subject quite a bit in the past, plus translating JMa’s infamous Bund Finance Summit speech into both English and Japanese. Much of the analysis and context I presented in these posts have held up well, so I’ll share them below as a refresher:

All these topics and more will make an appearance in our writing after the break. Look forward to talking to you in two weeks to share more thoughts, analysis, and personal news!


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我们准备放两周的假(自从一年多前开始写《互联》后放的第一个假),因为我在个人和职业方面会有一些转变,会搬到一个新城市(西雅图),并在为《互联》计划一些新的方向。因此,在接下来的两周里,除了发布我与Docker首席技术官Justin Cormack前一阵子做的第三场 Company Building webinar 讨论的文字记录和音频/视频之外,不会写新的文章。

ICYMI,我希望您有时间读一下最近我分享的在墨西哥和拉美科技生态的第一手资料和学到的东西(文章链接:这里这里)。拉美是一个值得关注的新兴市场。我也在花时间阅读和思考东南亚的科技生态 -- 另一个充满活力的新兴市场。最近,随着Grab在迄今为止最大的SPAC交易而赴美上市的新闻公布,东南亚也吸引了众多关注。

当然,围绕阿里、蚂蚁和中国反垄断的事情继续抢占头条,尽管其中很多只是把点新东西拿来继续讲“老故事”(马云 "消失" 仍然是个最受欢迎的、循环使用的“老头条“;某媒体组织的数据分析部门肯定发现了,不管是真是假,"消失的富翁" 总是会带动流量和订阅量)。