Hello, I’m Kevin, the author and founder of Interconnected.

Interconnected is a publication that looks at the venn diagram of builders (entrepreneurs & engineers), operators (business managers), investors (capitalists), regulators (politicians and government officials), and how they are all connected.

I happen to have seen the world through all four lenses at one point or another in my life: as a founder of an e-commerce company and health insurance startup, a staffer at the White House (Obama) and on political campaigns, an executive and advisor at a few cross-border enterprise technology companies, and in venture capital investing. I studied Law and Computer Science at Stanford, and International Relations at Brown University.

My writings on this newsletter and elsewhere have gained the attention of renowned journalists, investors, and entrepreneurs:

My commentary has been cited in the New York Times, Al Jazeera, among other media outlets. You can also hear me talk about Interconnected on these podcasts:

Why Write This Newsletter?

I believe discovering these “interconnections” can give you an edge in building companies, investing in businesses, hiring talent, and ultimately a place to think as you seek information and progress.

“The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.” -- Edwin Schlossberg

New content is published every Thursday and Sunday.

Every piece of content is in both English and Chinese – an effort to build more common ground and information accountability between these two worlds. No lost in translation, no lost in suspicion, and no media filter, just words straight from me, the author himself. For a deeper exploration of why this publication is bilingual, see my post: "Why Write A Bilingual English-Chinese Tech Blog".

Sunday's post is a weekly wrap-up of six news items -- three from English language sources, three from Chinese language sources -- that I find relevant in our exploration of the interconnections between technology, business, investment, and geopolitics. Each item will have a one-paragraph commentary from me on why I think the story is noteworthy. All these "Interconnected Weekly" wrap-ups are HERE.

Thursday's post is an original, in-depth analysis. Topics range from covering specific businesses, like Facebook, Zoom, or AWS, to larger trends, like "Open Source in China" and "Is the Cloud Recession-Proof ".

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我的评论被《纽约时报》、Al Jazeera等媒体引用。您还可以在这些播客中听我讨论《互联》的内容:



“写作是给他人创造一个可以思考的环境。”——Edwin Schlossberg