As we near the end of 2021, it’s time for a wrap-up post on Interconnected.

We wrote a similar post last year in “Open Source, Open Stats, Open Development”, where we provided a rough breakdown of our audience. We also shared details and learnings about our “open source first” tech stack built on, which has not changed much.

Here’s a similar breakdown for 2021.

Top 15 Geographies

Below are the top 15 geographical locations of readership in 2021 with proportional percentages:

  • US (28%)
  • China (12%)
  • Singapore (7%)
  • India (6%)
  • Hong Kong (4%)
  • UK (3%)
  • Canada (3%)
  • Malaysia (3%)
  • Taiwan (2%)
  • Australia (2%)
  • France (2%)
  • Germany (2%)
  • Japan (2%)
  • Brazil (1%)
  • Netherlands (1%)

One interesting evolution from last year’s breakdown is a more evenly distributed readership. The top two locations from last year were the US (~45%) followed by China (~10%), while other geographies were negligible. Now, we have meaningful readership from Singapore, India, the UK, and many other places.

This more even distribution speaks to the mission of Interconnected, where we try to break down and analyze the underlying connections between different industries, markets, and trends of innovation across geographies. That’s why our top three category tags are: Open Source, Cloud Industry, Developer – all global topics. I’m also glad to see our readership reaching almost full coverage in Africa, except for Sierra Leone and Western Sahara (technically a disputed territory mostly administered by Morocco).

Top 15 Articles

Here’s the list of our top 15 articles in 2021 by traffic.

Some of these articles were published in 2020, so it’s satisfying to see high-quality but relatively old posts continue to do well. I’m also seeing a strong demand for translation-type posts of speeches or other types of primary source information to further “unlock” the Chinese tech world.

Our team will take a break from publishing in the next two weeks to reflect on the stats we just shared with you in this post, and the meaning behind them. We will share more of our future plans in our first post of 2022. Until then, happy holidays, happy New Year, and thank you for your ongoing support!

2021 《互联》总结:读者数据和分类






  • 美国 (28%)
  • 中国 (12%)
  • 新加坡 (7%)
  • 印度 (6%)
  • 香港 (4%)
  • 英国 (3%)
  • 加拿大 (3%)
  • 马来西亚 (3%)
  • 台湾 (2%)
  • 澳大利亚 (2%)
  • 法国 (2%)
  • 德国 (2%)
  • 日本 (2%)
  • 巴西 (1%)
  • 荷兰(1%)


这种更均衡的分布证明了《互联》的使命,也就是试图分解和分析不同行业、市场和跨地域创新趋势之间的潜在联系。这也是为什么网站上所有文章的前三个类别标签是:开源云行业开发者 – 都是全球范围的话题。我也很高兴看到《互联》的读者群几乎覆盖了全非洲,除了塞拉利昂和西撒哈拉(理论上说它是一个主要由摩洛哥管理的“争议领土”)。