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I've been really sick the last few days, so I've decided to not publish a new Thursday deep-dive post this week. I don't want to publish something sub-par while I feel sub-par. (I thought I had COVID, so rushed to the local Mexico City hospital to do a test; fortuantely, test came back negative. Thank you to everyone who helped me with COVID test info in CDMX!)

The big news in tech and business this week is Jeff Bezos stepping down and Andy Jassy becoming Amazon's new CEO. Jassy is, of course, currently the CEO of AWS, Amazon's cloud computing division where most of its profit comes from. To help you understand AWS better – its technology, data centers, business future, competition – here are some of my previous AWS-focused posts:

I'll be back with more new, fresh analysis as soon as I feel 100%. Thank you for your understanding and support.


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Hello 《互联》读者们:


本周科技和商业界的大新闻是Jeff Bezos下台,Andy Jassy成为亚马逊的新CEO。众所周知,Jassy目前是AWS的CEO。AWS即是亚马逊的云计算部门,也是亚马逊大部分利润的来源。为了帮助大家更好地了解AWS – 它的技术、数据中心、业务的未来、以及竞争,以下是我之前写的一些关注AWS的文章: