With the first half (H1) of 2023 behind us, it is time again for my quarterly performance update on my investment portfolio.

Here is the H1/Q2 2023 performance and benchmarks comparison (as of June 30):

  • Interconnected Portfolio H1: +220.12% (Q2: +53.66%)
  • S&P 500: +15.91%
  • DJIA: +3.80%
  • NASDAQ 100: +38.75%
  • Russell 2000: +7.24%
  • MSCI World: +15.43%
  • Wilshire 5000: +15.37%

Usual disclaimer continues to and will always apply: past performance is not indicative of future results.

A Separate Investing-Focused Newsletter?

I would usually share some reflections and lessons learned from investing in these performance updates, but I’m not sure (and have some insecurities about) whether these thoughts would be at all interesting or valuable to you, our readers.

I originally started writing Interconnected to blend the multiple disciplines I’ve had personal experiences in — tech, investing, operating businesses, government, electoral politics – to discover and dissect all the overlooked venn diagrams around us. Three years into writing this newsletter, the diversity of our audience is as wide as the topics we write about.

While writing about diverse topics is inherently stimulating for me, I’m humble about the reality that most readers likely came here for one or two topics, tuned out the rest, then the spam filter started filtering. (Please reply if you think I’m wrong about this!) And since investing is what I spend more time and energy doing now, evidenced by these quarterly updates, I have more ideas, topics, and esoteric explorations that may only be interesting to professional investors, company or market analysts, capital allocators, or readers who have a consistent interest in the art and science of investing.

Should I start a separate investing-focused newsletter for an investment-focused audience and spare other readers of the “noise”? Please answer this one-question poll if you have 15 seconds to spare.

In this (hypothetical) new newsletter, I will share my investment ideas (like the one I alluded to in Q1), company analysis, takes on the market, decision-making processes, or any behind-the-scenes stuff on how I’m building my portfolio and fund. (I like building in public!) As the saying goes, you can borrow ideas, but you can't borrow convictions. (Star Magnolia, a wonderful multi-family office I’ve gotten to know, published a great post on its newsletter on exactly this topic, by profiling Buffett’s Apple investment and his Japan “carry trade”.)

Thank you for doing the poll. And if you have more detailed thoughts and feedback, please share. Just hit reply!