Hello Interconnected Readers:

I’m thrilled to launch our audio product: Interconnected Voices. All episodes are hosted on the Interconnected YouTube channel, so please subscribe to it!

Each episode is the recording of a discussion I had with top analysts, investors, entrepreneurs, and senior operators to explore companies or trends that impact the intersections of tech, business, money, and global geopolitics. Each episode is also supported with a simple slide show of the key discussion highlights and takeaways, so it’s both worth listening to and worth watching.

We are launching with three episodes of discussions that happened in the last two months:

Episode 1: What Does Agora ($API) Do? Guest Panelist: Rui Ma  (Tech Buzz China)

Episode transcript HERE.

Episode 2: Global Developer Growth; Guest Panelists: Rui Ma (Tech Buzz China) and Monica Xie (Matrix Partners China)

Episode transcript HERE.

Episode 3: Building A Global Company from Day 0; Guest Panelist: Clint Smith (Discord, ex DataStax, MySQL)

Episode transcript HERE.

Each episode has a transcript that is in both English and Chinese (Japanese upon request). Even though audio discussions can only happen in one language, we are committed to making sure their substance and value are delivered in multiple languages. Future episodes will include recordings of discussions like the 3rd Company Building webinar I'm doing Justin Cormack, CTO of Docker, Tuesday, April 6th, 10AM US Pacific Time. (You can still register HERE. Clubhouse link HERE)

This product has been in the works for roughly a month now and has been in my head for even longer. We all absorb information in different ways -- some like to read, some like to listen, and some like to watch and listen. As I referenced in a previous post “Building a Bilingual Newsletter: 2020 Edition”, knowledge exchange happens via multiple mediums, so we’d like to cover as many of them as possible, as we continue building this 10-year project. While writing will still be the main medium of Interconnected -- and my personal preferred medium of communication -- we hope Interconnected Voices will be a nice supplement to your experience.

Special thank you’s go out to Tony Nagatani, my old friend of many years from our Obama days for producing the audio, and our Interconnected research and product intern for bringing the visual element into each episode and transcribing them.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know! We are always looking for ways to improve, build stronger information bridges, and bring down walls and barriers.

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Hello 《互联》读者们:




第一集:声网到底是做啥的? 嘉宾:马睿(Tech Buzz China)


第2集:全球开发者的增长; 嘉宾:马睿(Tech Buzz China)和Monica Xie(经纬中国)


第3集:怎么从第零天打造一个全球化公司;嘉宾:Clint Smith(Discord,ex DataStax,MySQL)


每一集都有中英文的文字记录(需要日文版的朋友请和我们直接联系)。尽管音频讨论只能用一种语言,但我们团队致力于确保每一集亮点和价值都能用多语传播。今后的内容会包括比如我和Docker的CTO,Justin Cormack,即将办的Company Building webinar第三场,在四月六日周二,美国西海岸时间上午10点举行(还有时间注册:链接在这里,Clubhouse链接在这里。)

这个产品已经酝酿了大约一个月,在我的脑子里其实酝酿了更久。每个人吸收信息的方式都不一样 -- 有的人喜欢读,有的人喜欢听,有的人喜欢看加听。正如我在之前的一篇文章《怎样做一个双语博客:2020版》中提到的,知识交流的进行是个多媒体过程,所以在我们继续打造《互联》这个10年项目的过程中,希望尽可能地多覆盖各种媒介。虽然写作仍会是《互联》的主要媒介 -- 也是我个人最喜欢的交流方式 -- 但希望《互联之声》能成为一个好补充,提升您的体验。

特别感谢我在奥巴马团队时结识的多年老朋友Tony Nagatani编辑制作的音频,以及《互联》团队的研究加产品实习生为每期节目融入的ppt视觉元素加文字记录。