Dear Subscribers and Readers:

I have some personal and professional news to share with you.

On the personal front, I recently got engaged to my lovely fiance. We went to China last month to visit family and friends – my first time returning since the start of Covid, her first time ever. We had an amazing time eating, sightseeing, and counting electric vehicles on the streets.

On the professional side, after two-plus wonderful years at GitHub formulating and driving its global expansion strategy (among many other things), I have recently left to do my own thing. I’m incredibly grateful to the friends and mentors who led me to GitHub, and all the Hubbers who worked with me, supported my team’s work, and contributed to growing this iconic technology platform to serve all developers in every corner of the globe.

So what is this “own thing” that I’m working on? Or as my favorite fictional US president from The West Wing, Jed Bartlet, would say: “What’s Next?”

Announcing Interconnected 2.0

I will be going all-in to bet on myself and build the next evolution of Interconnected. This “Interconnected 2.0” will have two parts. 

Part I is building an investment partnership (or hedge fund) that invests in public companies that are what I call the “picks and shovels” of the interconnected global digital AI economy. By fusing my lived experiences as a tech business operator and an ex-White House staffer with a sharp geopolitical antenna, I believe we can bring a new edge to analyzing and investing in public companies that will shape the next phase of global innovation.  

Part II is a premium paid edition to this bilingual, multidisciplinary newsletter. It is an annual membership of $100 per year; we don’t have a monthly plan. I decided to do annual only, because my hope is to build long-term relationships with our most supportive subscribers. And I hope I’ve earned your trust by writing consistently for the last three years and 10 months (all for free), showing that we have staying power, we are not going anywhere, and we can deliver long lasting value.

Interconnected Premium includes:

💹Quarterly investment portfolio deep dives + monthly market observations

✍️2 posts per week on average of the kind of analysis and commentary you have been receiving (free subscribers will receive 1 post per week on average)

💻A private Zoom scheduler link to have live 1-on-1 idea discussions (e.g. stock ideas, policy questions, new projects, general brainstorming)

😎Early access to my new future projects, e.g. book, investment deals, etc.

I have already published a few premium posts:

You can get these two posts and future premium content now with Interconnected Premium Annual 👇

To those dear readers who have signed up for a previous iteration of our premium paid edition, the old price you paid will be grandfathered in forever. I cannot express how grateful I am of your early signal of support, which gave me the confidence to evolve this newsletter further. Thank you!

Zooming out, this career move (if you can even call it that) probably looks quite foolish. Having worked in the center of US politics during the first phase of my professional life, then making a hard switch to developer-focused infrastructure tech companies (via law school), I am lucky to have had these great opportunities and should just keep going. Instead, I decided to start over again by jumping fully into investing and finance, learning things from scratch, and making all kinds of rookie mistakes along the way.

But the thing is…I love writing, because it helps me make sense of things. I love investing, because it gives me a stake and “skin in the game” in those things I’m making sense of. Many legendary investors from Warren Buffett to Li Lu have said investing is like investigative journalism, so writing and investing are intertwined and complementary activities. And, most importantly, I just love the journey of continuing to get better and better in both, so I know I will have the persistence to keep going, when things inevitably get tough. 

Channeling my entrepreneurial superpower and inner Jensen Huang, “How hard can it be?”

Thank you for your support. And thank you for being on this journey with me.

宣布《互联 2.0》



在个人方面,我最近与我相爱的未婚妻订婚了。上个月我们一起归国与家人和朋友们团聚 – 这是自疫情爆发以来我第一次回国,而对她则是第一次去中国。我们吃了很多美食,游览了许多名胜古迹,还在街头数了电动汽车的数量,度过了美好愉快的时光。


那么,这“自己的事”到底是什么呢?按照我最喜欢的虚构美国总统,来自美剧《白宫群英 》的 Jed Barlett 的说法:“What's Next?”


我决定go all in,全心全力投入建立《互联》 。这个《互联2.0》将会有两部分:




💹每季度投资业绩的深度分析 + 每月的市场观察 






此步职业选择应该看起来相当愚蠢。我职业生涯的第一阶段,曾是在美国政治政府的核心工作,然后硬切换到以开发者为中心的基础科技公司(中间还读了个法学院),很幸运能有这么多美好的机会,按常规应该继续下去。但我还是决定再次 “改行”,全身心投入到投资和金融,从零开始,继续犯各种新手错误,重新开始。

但事实是...我真的热爱写作,因为它帮助我深入理解各种事物。我真的热爱投资,因为它允许我从我正在理解的事物中有所投入,有“skin in the game”。许多成功的投资人,从沃伦·巴菲特到李录,都说过投资就像是写深入调查性报道,所以写作和投资是相互交织、相辅相成的。而且,最重要的是,我在磨练写作和投资的过程里乐在其中,渴望不断去成长,打磨,进步。因此我也知道当今后在遇到不可避免地困难时,会有毅力坚持下去。